I love the style of the Disney Infinity’s characters/toys/figures so I wanted to work on something of my own. This Wolverine model is based on Matthew S Armstrong’s concept art.
I have been working on getting it 3D printed just as an experience and a fun project.
Everything has been done in Zbrush and the renders were adjusted in Photoshop.

Modelling process, starting with some blockout to further detailing.

Art studies

In 2014 I started studying at the Open College of the Arts (distance learning) for a painting degree, unfortunately I was caught on some personal duties and wasn’t able to find enough time to finish it, but it was a good ride and I wanted to show some of the work I did for the drawing fundamentals course.

The course has helped me enjoy looking for different mediums and techniques, trying to find a way to draw in many different ways, I’ve gotten more confident developed a better appreciation for art.