Who I am

My name is André Victor Geuer Castel, 32 years old, living in Rugby (Warwickshire, UK) and working right now as a Senior 3D Artist at Full Fat.

What I do

-Character Creation
-High and Low poly modelling
-Game props/assets
-Humanoid and complex rigging
-Animals/Creatures rigging
-Basic programming (C#, Maxscript, Javascript and ActionScript3)
-Basic Animation

What I use

Some of the softwares I’m most familiar with:
-Autodesk 3ds Max
-Substance Painter
…and I am never afraid of learning a new one.

What I’ve done

-Marshawn Lynch Pro Football (2018)
Modelled and textured all the characters as in game assets and for marketing.

-Nick Football Champions (2018)
Modelled and textured all the characters.

-Blocky Cops (2018)
Modelled and textured all the characters.

– Marshawn Lynch Blocky Football (2017)
Modelled and textured some of the characters and environments.

-Facility 47 (2015)
Modelled and textured most of the assets, built the 3D pre rendered scenes, videos (cut scenes and marketing).

-Spacious (2014)
My first experience creating the whole game by myself in Unity3D.

-Just Escape (2014) – Inertia Games Studio
Mobile game, I modelled the scenes and some assets. Did some programming as well (ActionScript / Haxe).

-Escape from Darkmoor Manor (2013) – Inertia Games Studio
Assets, 3D pre rendered scenes and videos.

-Margrave: The Blacksmith’s Daughter (2012) – Inertia Games Studio
Assets, 3D pre rendered scenes, animations, videos and special effects.

Animations for museus and exhibitions in Brazil – by Archimidia
I worked in all the process of the animations, but was in charge of characters, working mostly as a Character TD.

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