Capt. R Doyle

Character inspired by a ww2 pilot/bomber done as a personal project to improve/practice my workflow. 

The character was initially supposed to be a head study, then I wanted to add some gear but it looked weird without a body so I added the jacket.
Everything as modelled/detailed in Zbrush with some pieces (Jacket and scarf) made in Marvelous Designer first.

The base for the skin texture was also done in Zbrush.

I have made some tests for the hair / facial hair with fibermesh, even though none of the hair would show (I had to wait for some time before I could take it to texturing, so I spent it trying to work out fibermesh in ZB). I ended up removing most of it for the final piece, but it was worth it as I was able to learn something new.

In 3dsmax I did the retopology and unwrapped the UVs before taking to Marmoset Toolbag. I wanted to test its baking tools and was surprised by the visual aids for tweaking the cage and how easy (mostly painless) it was to get some good results, I was very happy with it.

I used Substance Painter for the textures, took it back to 3dsmax for posing (with some help of zbrush for the facial expression) and finally again to Marmoset Toolbag for presentation.

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