Against All Odds

I’ve done some character work for a project called “Against all odds” (Inertia Games), which later got cancelled. The target platform was low spec PC facebook game with a sort of isometric view, so you would never see the characters from close range.

There would be some customisation for the playable characters where we would swap body parts (that’s why the textures are split as well).

Along with modelling I had to do the rigging and some basic animation, that would later receive some polish. The animation show in the video is more to see the rig working.

I also did some technical art work for the environment in Unity which I further explain in this post. 

And at last, I was working on concepts (in Zbrush) for some type of “special” infected. The idea was that the infection would create these yellow liquid filled blisters that could turn them into weird creatures with different behaviour.

Art studies

In 2014 I started studying at the Open College of the Arts (distance learning) for a painting degree, unfortunately I was caught on some personal duties and wasn’t able to find enough time to finish it, but it was a good ride and I wanted to show some of the work I did for the drawing fundamentals course.

The course has helped me enjoy looking for different mediums and techniques, trying to find a way to draw in many different ways, I’ve gotten more confident developed a better appreciation for art.